Flash Poetry Zaniness

By tom on April 06, 2015 | Add a Comment

Okay, so let's finish National Poetry Month with some fun. Introducing the Flash Tyepwriter Poetry Contest. Each contestant will be given a manual typewriter, three sheets of paper, and a pencil. Then we will draw a random topic. Contestants have 30 minutes to write a poem on the topic, TYPE IT OUT, and turn it in. The completed poems will be shuffled and handed back out to the poets randoml. The poets will then read the poem they were given. After the reading, each poet will vote for their favorite poem (exluding their own). There will be wine!  There will be prizes for best poem, best reading, and audience award.

The event will be limited to FIFTEEN PARTICIPANTS. There is a registration fee of $5, just to make sure you show up. To register email Tom at

We also want to have an audience, so spread the word! It's April 30th AT 6:30PM

This is going to be tons of fun. 

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Women On Money

By tom on March 31, 2015 | Add a Comment

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There's been a very cool push online to put some famous American women on our currency. I wholeheartedly agree, and wish to point out that other countries have not only political figures on their cash, but artists, musicians, and even architects! So who would you like to see?  I nominate Zora Neale Hurston for a start.


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Hello there, and thanks for finding your way to our website. If you didn't come here via our newsletter, I urge you to SIGN UP for our newsletter. If you found your way here via Facebook, Hurray! A miracle! You may not know this, but facebook now shows our posts to only about 16% of the people who have liked out pages.  That's right, you "Liked" us on Facebook, probably so you could keep track of author events, book releases, and other news from us. BUT, Facebook didn't think you were serious. In fact, they highly recommend that I purchas advertisements with them if I really want to reach you.


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Sweetland by Michael Crummey

Want to read something amazing?

Then you definitely want to read Sweetland.

Want to read something that will break your heart?

Then you definitely want to read Sweetland.

The Canadian government wants to but the island of Sweetland, but Moses Sweetland, a crumudgeonly old man whose ancestors settled the island, doesn't want to move. This makes him very unpopular with his neighbors, who all want to sell. But Moses is tied to the island, heart and soul. Over the course of the book, we learn about the ghosts and memories that make him want to stay. Alternately witty and powerful, Sweetland is not to be missed.

Want to read something you'll never forget?

Then you definitely want to read Sweetland


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It happens constantly. An author comes in the store, or calls, and says: If only you or one of your staff would just read my book, I know you would sell it like crazy. If it were true, we would be a very wealthy bookstore. But it isn't true, and we have a lot of things to read already, and we don't take Payola.


And yet, sometimes the book does make its way into our "To Read" pile, and sometimes the book is really quite good!


Such is the case with Betsy Arnold's new book, the 2nd in her Tapestry trilogy.  I read it. Why did I read it? Because she asked me to. She had asked me to read her first book, and I had even taken it home, but just never got around to it. So I felt a bit guilty, and I gave this one a shot.


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