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About Us

We are living the dream!

No, really, we are.  I'm very proud to say that RiverRun Bookstore is now TWELVE years old, and going strong.  People always say "I've always wanted to open a bookstore" with a wistful look, like they would have done it if only they had drawn the lucky number, or found the golden ticket.  Or they would have done it if it wasn't a completely crazy, quixotic endeavor in this modern world.  Well we did it, and all it took was guts, and faith in our community.

What You'll Find Here

When you come to RiverRun you'll find a staff of voracious readers eager to recommend quality new and used books of all types.  Our display tables are covered with new releases, while our shelves are bursting with great backlist titles.  Used books that seem barely read range in price from $7 to $12, and we even have boxes of $2 clearance specials.

We are a bookshop, not a gift shop, so there's not much here except books.  However we do have some very nice journals, some excellent book lights, a small selection of cool gifts, and our own RiverRun T-shirts.



We have an amazing schedule of entertainment.  See our events page, you won't believe it.  We host more than 150 events a year!  We're happy to mail you signed copies if you are unable to attend a signing but would like a signed book. 

Staff Picks

The best way to get to know us is to check out our staff picks section.  It's a good window into who we are.


Buy Books Online

We'd love it if you used the commerce area of our website to buy books.  They will be shipped straight to your home.  It would be one little piece of business that the big boys don't get, and we'd love you for it!


The Piscataqua Press 

We help people publish their books using cutting digital printing technology.  Easy, dependable, and local.  More information here.



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