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Thomas Holland and Pandora's Portal (Thomas Holland Trilogy #3)

Thomas Holland and Pandora's Portal (Thomas Holland Trilogy #3)

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Publication Date: October 10th, 2020
Wizard's Mark Press
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What do you do when your friends need you to help save the world? Only problem is-you're not on their world. You're not even in the same universe

Well, that's how book three in the trilogy starts off. What's more, in book three, the stakes are far higher. If they screw this one up, everyone might die at the claws of life-force sucking creatures from the forbidden planet The trilling conclusion provides even more of what the series fans have been asking for: the same beloved characters, but with more excitement, more suspense, bigger laughs, real tears, along with surprise twist after surprise twist.

Book three in the epic trilogy really pushes all the characters to, and sometimes past their limits, both in their world as well as inside their hearts and minds. Armed only with Goban's battle axe, Avani's failing magic and Tom's scientific knowledge, the heroes must risk a perilous journey through the Pillars of the Giants, the Deathly Bog, the Plains of Illusion, and the lost underground world laced with deadly booby traps. Along the way they'll face betrayal, treachery, dark magic, and their own inner demons. All the while battling huge magical spiders, bog monsters, mist wraiths, goblins, trolls, ogres, and more. Their only hope, is to retrieve the stolen device from the evil wizard and bring it back to the Guardian before the portal opens in three days...

The Award-Winning series concludes with: "Thomas Holland and Pandora's Portal." Not only is it an exciting story by itself, the book completes the larger story that wraps around and through all three books connecting the legend and the prophecy with a huge surprise twist near the end. Complete your adventure Buy it now