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 by Tom Holt

You Don't Have To Be Evil To Work Here, But It Helps

by Tom Holt

OK, so the recession is hitting everyone hard, and we all have to make do with what we have. Or do we ? What if there was another option that could help your small business stay afloat - forever and ever. Colin Hollinghead's father has decided to take a very interesting offer to keep his business alive, so to speak. Now Colin's boring employment at his father's widget company is anything but boring. Between meetings with the folks at J.W. Wells & Co., learning about love potions and engaging in time travel, Colin no longer knows which way is up, or who he can trust. I had never read Tom Holt before, even though he's got 30-something books out there. I'll be checking out more of his titles now that I know how much fun his books are.


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