Piscataqua Poems

Piscataqua Poems:  A Seacoast Anthology


Please join us this fall as we gather together poems to celebrate our community.  Between now and November 30th we will be accepting entries for our new anthology, Portsmouth Poems: A Seacoast Anthology, which will be published in March of 2013.

Whether you are an amatuer poet or a Hoot regular, we invite you to enter as many times as you wish.  A portion of the book sale proceeds will be donated to the Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program


What is it? This winter, RiverRun Bookstore will be publishing an anthology of poems about the Piscataqua region.


Is it a contest?  Yes, in a friendly, gentle way. We invite everyone to participate: young and old, published and just learning.  However, there will be five prizes awarded for what we consider to be the best poems.  Prizes include admission to a Pen Central writing workshop, a $150 RiverRun Gift Card, and three $100 Portsmouth A la Carte Cards.


Does it cost money to enter? Yes, sadly it does.  Each entry costs $10, BUT!, every poet who enters will receive a copy of the finished book (retail value $12)!  Two dollars from each entry fee will be donated to The Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program


How many times can I enter?  As many as you want, but we will include a maximum of three poems from any one author in the anthology.  Yes, you have to pay the entry fee for each poem.


What are the guidelines for the poems?  Your poem has to be somehow related to the Piscataqua  and seacoast region (Rye, Portsmouth, Kittery, Dover, Newmarket, etc.)  Your Poem must be NO MORE than 2 pages long (12 point font, double spaced).  Previously published poems will be accepted as long as you retain all rights.


How do I enter? Send us your poem in the mail, with a check to RiverRun Bookstore for $10.  Include a cover sheet with the title of your poem, your name and a contact email (or phone if you don’t have email).  DO NOT put your name on the poem.  Our address is 142 Fleet St, Portsmouth NH 03801  Submissions will not be returned.


What is the deadline?  All poems must be postmarked no later than November 30th 2012


When will the anthology be published?  Our tentative release date is March 1st, 2013.  If your poem is going to be included in the anthology you will be notified by January 5th at the latest.

Who owns the rights to the published poems?  You own all the rights to your work.


Who is judging the poems? The poems will be selected between Dec 1st and January 1st by a yet to be determined panel made up of RiverRun staff and owners, as well as members of the local poetry community.  The poems will be judged blindly—judges will not know the identity of the author.


I have more Questions!  Email us at info@riverrunbookstore.com