Paperback to the Future!

Paperback to the Future!

The book you didn’t know you had to have—delivered to your door.



"All the savant with none of the idiot, Liberty Hardy's knowledge of books is encyclopedic and virtuosic, and her empathy for fellow readers is unparalleled. Paperback to the Future is a great way to be introduced to new, unexpected, and delightful books from one of the best and most dedicated booksellers in the country."

- Colin Dickey, author and subscriber 


What is it?

As an independent bookstore, RiverRun constantly seeks out authors and publishers that are not being noticed by the mainstream.  Sign up with us and Liberty Hardy, our Velocireader, will interact with you via email to get a sense of your reading taste.  Then, using a complex, furtive, and unscientific formula, we will send you a paperback book to read.  It will be a surprise!  Because surprises are fun! It’s likely that you will have never heard of it, and guaranteed that you will like it.  Or your money back.

You can sign up to receive books every month for six months or a year.  Or, if you are one of those “giving” type of people, you can purchase it as a gift for someone else.  We’ll interrogate them and send them fantastic, unheralded books for as long as you want.



What does it cost?

One shot: $22

You get one paperback book picked for you personally and mailed to you.  If you like the service you can sign up for regular shipments.

Six Months: $120

We will use your input and feedback to choose one book every month to be sent to you or your designated recipient.  Occasionally we’ll include some kind of special treat!

One Year: $200 

The longer this goes on, the more we’ll understand what you like to read:  we’ll be right inside your brain!!!  With your twelfth book we’ll send you a Paperback to the Future T-shirt.  

Why should I blindly trust you?

Because it will be fun, and we’re trustworthy.  Liberty reads over 200 books a year, and has thousands of follows on Twitter as @MissLiberty.  She is also a contributing editor to Book Riot, the #1 independent book site, and runs the fascinating blog “Write Place, Write Time” about writers’ work spaces. And nothing makes her happier than placing the right books in the right hands. Well, except reading. And her cats.


Sign me up!!

Just email us at and we will start dissecting the reading parts of your brain!





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