Community Involvement

Here's some of what we've got going on. For more information about these programs, give us a call at 603-431-2100 or email us at

Cloth Bag Program

Save the planet, save 10% with our American-made, organic book bag.  It's like a frequent buyer's card that you have to carry around.  Buy our bag for $10, and get 10% off every purchase when you bring it to the store.  We get free advertising, you get a discount, and together we use one less paper bag.  Everybody wins!



School and nonprofit accounts

You might have noticed schools are a bit underfunded these days. We are proud to give a discount to schools and libraries.  We also give a discount to teachers who are buying books specifically for their K-12 classroom, because the sad truth is that teachers spend a lot of their own money on this.

We are also happy to give a discount to local non-profits who need books for their organizations.


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Staff Picks

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