Working on our poetry book!

By tom on January 05, 2013 | Add a Comment


We're starting work in earnest this week on our poetry anthology.  It is tentatively called Piscataqua Poems: A Seacoast Anthology and will feature 75-100 poems written about the area we live in.


We collected these poems by holding a general call and contest, and have received over 150 submissions.  We will be publishing the anthology in time for National Poetry Month, which is April, and will be awarding prizes to our five favorite poems.  Everyone who entered will receive a copy of the finished book.


If you've written a book of poetry, and have been considering self-publishing, we urge you to talk to us about The Piscataqua Press, our publishing venture.  Every week we see authors who have paid a faceless web-based company to publish their book.  We can make you a fantastic looking book, and you can talk to us face to face.


For more details about The Piscataqua Press, just click here


Stay tuned!. 

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