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By tom on November 10, 2011 | Add a Comment

Hello all!  Tonight about 150 people crammed into RiverRun to discuss its future, if it has one.  I spent the first part of the meeting explaining why I thought the store deserved saving, and why I thought I had a plan that would make it sustainable going forward, including the good news that we have a tentative line on a new location that would save us over $50,000 a year in expenses.  


Next up was a Q&A session, mostly questioning the current state of affairs concerning ebooks etc.  I did my best to answer those questions.  


Here's what came out of the meeting:



The good folks from the Halloween Parade Committee agreed to drive to your house and pick up good quality used books to be donated to the bookstore.  Reach them at once they get back from the bar.


The Wire offered RiverRun $5000 in free advertising (that's about two years worth)


Corey MacDonald offered free legal services, which we are going to need.


Many people made small donations (not that any donation is small)



Jay Boucher live tweeted the event to the world, including a picture of me looking very dorky.


We collected four pages of emails from people who want to volunteer to help out in some way. 


Popovers on the Square donated coffee (more important to me than you might think!)


Rose and Gail saved the day by making all of this happen.



Soooooooo, are we done??!!  No way.  There is a lot of work to be done yet to make this a reality, and we still need more investors.  Contact me now!!


But I have to say my cautious optimism is creeping toward impetuous optimism, or whatever the more optimistic form of cautious optimism is.


Clearly it is time for me to go to bed.


Thank you and good night!





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