The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman

A lot of you have mentioned how cool it would be if we could record our events, so people who couldn't make it get a chance to watch it afterwards. We recently filmed Alice Hoffman. Alice was here in June, and as you can tell from the footage, we had a lot of people in the store to hear the bestselling author!

Click here to see the first video. We'll be posting more of the talk, so check back.

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Tinkers by Paul Harding

Do you ever love a book so much that you just really can not stop talking about it? That's how I feel about Tinkers by Paul Harding.  I've talked about him on my personal blog.  I've written a review of the book for The Quarterly Conversation. I've also interviewed him for the July issue of one of my absolutely favorite online literary journals, Bookslut

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Henry James

By tom on July 04, 2009 | Add a Comment

Washington Square by Henry James
Zeke called to ask if I was kidding about reading Henry James-- trying to raise my street cred as a serious reader.  I said I was serious, so now I'm trapped into actually reading some.  The good news is Zeke's going to read Washington Square along with me, so I'll have someone to talk with about it.  Feel free to join us.  Or, read some other classic this summer--your brain deserves it! read more
Beowulf On the Beach by Jack Murnighan

We want Portsmouth to read smarter this summer!


Hey!  We challenge you to elevate your reading this summer.  We'll help you find engrossing, entertaining beach reads that are still literate, educational, and maybe even challenging.  We're calling it Summer Smarter Than Others, and we want you to join us.  Personally, I'm planning to read a bunch of Graham Greene that I've been meaning to get to, and at least one book by Henry James (it's true, I've never read him).

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The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet by Rief Larsen

We've been getting alot of calls about wunderkind Reif Larsen's novel, The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet, ever since the Boston Globe gave it a great big write up this week.  Well I'm happy to say that Michele, our events co-ordinator, is way out ahead on this kind of thing, and has already secured Larsen for a booksigning on June 26th at 7pm.

You can read the Globe article here.

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