We occasionally have music concerts here at the bookstore after hours.  If you've never been to one, I encourage you to come this Saturday (that's April 11th) at 9pm to hear Hateful Little Cakes and Subject Bias.

Watching a show at RiverRun is a special experience.  Everyone is there to listen to the music-- there's no espresso machine chuggin in the background, nobody talking loudly and drunkenly into their cell phone.  Everyone is paying attention.

Both bands on Saturday night are great.  Hateful Little Cakes are from here in town, and are much nicer than their name suggests.  They play a kind of folk/electronic mix that I really like.  Subject Bias is out of Portland, Maine, and play well written alternative pop.  They've got great voices and are a really tight band.

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Pre-order a Signed Copy

I've been busy these days not just booking and running author events here at RiverRun, but also interviewing authors and writing book reviews.  When Jedediah Berry and Samantha Hunt came to Portsmouth last month, I had a chance to talk with both of them about their thoughts behind their novels.  Now I have interviews with them published in the April issue of Bookslut.  Did I mention we have signed copies of Jedediah's book, The Manual of Detection, and Samantha's book, The Invention of Everything Else?read more


One Dog Year

By tom on March 30, 2009 | Add a Comment


Thank You! We just turned Seven Years Old!

Thank you, thank you!  There is no RiverRun without you.  We should be experienced enough by now to feel like old hands, but the publishing world keeps shifting under our feet.  No matter how well we do our job, there are parts of this industry over which we have no control.  For some reason, they wont listen to me when I tell them how to run their businesses.

Kindle, Borders, and Beyond

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

I probably look silly for making this post, but on Tuesday night I was in a really foul mood, due partly to the horrible cold I have that will not go away, due partly to this seemingly unending winter.  I needed a new book to read, but I wanted something that I knew would whisk me away.  So I climbed into bed with Harry Potter VII, and it was the perfect choice.  Snape was leering, Malfoy was snivelling, Hedwig was smoldering, and Bill and Fleur were getting married.  In moments I was gone.

When I was younger I used to read my favorite novels several times, but these days I have about 150 books in my to-read pile, so it seems counterproductive to re-read.  I had forgotten what a great feeling it is to come back to a favorite book and discover that it's still great.

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The Colossus of New York by Colson Whitehead

I love New York City. Ever since I went there to see my first musical when I was a kid (Carousel in Lincoln Center), I've fallen in love with the bustling city, filled with the most fascinating people, plenty of pigeons, street vendors selling sausages and pretzels, the famous and the very not-so-famous walking the same streets, giant billboards, and so much more to fill a book, or lots of books.  Colson Whitehead wrote a well-known love-letter to his city, called The Colossus of New York.  It's one of the best books I've ever seen that honestly captures all the euphoria and craziness of the Big Apple.  The miracle of it all is the book is slim.  He's economical in his ode to the city, and yet he says more with a few words than many authors do with paragraphs and pages of description.  

I'll be thinking of Whitehead as I visit New York tomorrow and Friday to meet with publicists about summer and fall author tours. 

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